Mask Story

After a business meeting in South Korea, an average girl walks down streets of Seoul. Her inspiration is to find some- thing different and special.

She sees people pass by, and she smiles at the passers. Something catches her eyes; she sees tourists line up to buy something. She is curious and, she examines the crowd. Everyone was lined up to buy Korean Cosmetic products, and especially facemask. This girl seizes and captures all the moment. She wants to rewrite all the rules, making it simple and easy.

Next flight to Japan, she leaves all her skincare products behind carrying only three face masks. Three-business day trip equals three facemasks. Face Mask is a simple and easy beauty!

Now, her quest to find the best facemasks begins. She begins researching & testing all the popular face masks and collaborates with the best designers and skin care experts. She pulls off the best formula from the Korean market and puts her own twist with American market in mind. I am proud to present Rose & 24K Gold Hydrogel Mask, specially formulated for the American market.