Gracie Beauty

1) Simple & Easy
Do it yourself simple & easy instructions.  Best for traveling!  Leave your skincare products behind and carry only Gracie face masks.  How many days are you traveling?  Three business day trips equal three face masks.

After hard day at work or before your special occasion, Gracie Rose & 24K Gold will pamper your skin with instant hydration. Face mask is a simple and easy beauty!

• Unfold & Apply
• Relax for 15 min
• Remove and Pat

2) Save Time & Money
Relax for 15 minutes to 25 minutes.  Whether it’s your birthday, big presentation day, or another special occasion, our Rose & 24K Gold Mask is one stop solution for your glowing skin. Save time and money by getting ready in 15 minutes with do it yourself face mask. We understand the need to create a product that helps our customers to save time and money.

3)  Consumer is our #1 Priority
Gracie Beauty’s philosophy began with a commitment to our customer’s advocacy and satisfaction. We understand the need to create safe & healthy face masks that keeps its promises.

Dermatology Tested
Skin irritation index was evaluated to assure compatibility of our product and its ingredients to the human skin. Independent dermatological testing highlights safety of our product with no significant primary skin irritation on a wide range of test subjects.

Formulated WITHOUT
•  Parabens
•  Sulfates
•  Phthalates