Gracie Story

As I traveled around the world to meet important business clients, I realized carrying all of my skincare products was impossible. I wanted my skin to glow with confidence, but this was so much work and frankly a lot of weight. This is when I first turned to Facemasks and beauty accessories. They were simple, easy, and light. It was perfect for travel and even daily use!

I started Gracie Beauty to help men and women get the best quality beauty packages in one. At Gracie Beauty, We don’t sell products, but a story for each line of product. I have spent years researching and visiting every single manufacturer in South Korea to hand-pick and build a line that suits my vision: “Simple and Easy Beauty.” Everyone wants to be beautiful, but not everyone has the luxury of time and money. Gracie Beauty Facemasks are of highest quality, dermatology tested packages made to be Simple and Easy for all the beautiful people.

Thank you for choosing Gracie Beauty, we will endlessly work to provide the highest quality products!

Gracie Beauty

Grace Y. Kim